Super Fast 3.1 amp USB Type C Car Phone Charger for Android Cell Phones With Long Cord w/ extra USB Port

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Easy-Tech’s USB Type C mobile device charger delivers quick-charge power to your cell phone or tablet while plugged in to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter port.

FAST 3.1 AMP CHARGING RATE – Most chargers available for purchase online or in store charge at 2.0 amps. Easy-Tech’s USB-C charger delivers power at lightning quick rate of 3.1 amps, so you spend less time with your phone plugged in.

CHARGE 2 DEVICES AT ONCE – Along with the USB-C cord that comes with the charger, an extra USB-A (the “normal” USB port type) is included, so you can charge any smartphone or tablet that has a USB cord and can also charge two devices at once. Please note that charging speed is reduced when charging two devices at once.

EXTRA-LONG 3FT. CORD INCLUDED – Nothing more annoying that not being able to easily grab your phone when it’s plugged in in your car. You won’t have that problem with this charger, because the cord is extra-long, so you can use it while plugged in or have it on one of Easy-Tech’s cell phone air vent or windshield mounts. Please be safe and don’t use your phone while driving though!

SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – NO RISK PURCHASE – Your purchase is backed by a 30-day guarantee and an industry-leading 2-year warranty. Easy-Tech has friendly, US-based customer support if you need anything post-purchase!